Benjamin Moore Paint

At The Color Bloc, we love Benjamin Moore paints. House paint never goes out of style, and our Benjamin Moore paint store has some of the best products on the market. Paint is an incredibly versatile product. You can use Benjamin Moore paint colors on nearly every surface in your home, walls, ceilings, decks, siding, cabinets, furniture, and even some floors.

House paint is excellent for any theme, and with all of the color and tool options, you can create accent walls, geometric designs, and even stunning intricate murals. The only limits are your skills and imagination. Our Benjamin Moore paint store collection includes interior paint, exterior paint, exterior stains, primers, specialty paint, and professional paints. Each paint comes in several different finishes and endless color options. The experts at The Color Bloc would love to talk you through all of the choices.

Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore Interior Paint, House Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint Store, near Detroit, Michigan (MI)

One of the easiest and fastest ways to transform the look of a room is by applying a new coat of paint to the walls. With Benjamin Moore interior paint, you can change the room’s look, increase the durability of your walls, and protect them from moisture. We even offer finishes that naturally repel stains and can be washed or scrubbed clean. Plus, these benefits aren’t limited to only the walls of your home. Benjamin Moore paint colors can be applied to ceilings, trim, doors, cabinets, and furniture. That is why it is one of the most popular paints out there.

Exterior Paint

Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint, House Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint Store, near Detroit, Michigan (MI)

The benefits of Benjamin Moore paints aren’t limited to the interior of your home; we also carry their line of exterior paint. The outside of your home is how it makes its first impression, and you always want your home to look its best. Benjamin Moore paint colors are great for exterior walls, trim, front doors, garage doors, and driveways. The paint adds a protective layer to your siding that defends against sun, wind, rain, sleet, snow, and insects. If those aren’t enough benefits, a new coat of paint can also increase your home’s value by up to 5%.

Exterior Stain

Benjamin Moore Exterior Stain, House Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint Store, near Detroit, Michigan (MI)

Look no further than Benjamin Moore Exterior Stains for homes with wood siding, decks, fences, or furniture. Unlike our exterior paints, which create a protective layer, exterior stains soak into the wood, sealing pores from the inside out. Each of the stains we offer is formulated to provide UV protection and resist mildew. The stains help protect your wood structures from rot and increase their longevity and durability. You can also choose from thousands of colors, so you aren’t limited to natural wood stains. We even have exterior stains that work on cured stucco, masonry, and fiber-cement siding.


Benjamin Moore Interior and Exterior Primers, House Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint Store, near Detroit, Michigan (MI)

Primers might be fourth on our product list, but they should be the first thing you think about. A nice coat of primer can turn an ordinary paint job into an extraordinary one. Benjamin Moore primers block stains, cover imperfections, and create a neutral surface for a new coat of paint. A primer can prevent color bleed when you switch paint colors, so your walls or ceiling are the exact color you planned. Primers are also helpful on traditionally harder-to-paint surfaces because they create an even layer that interior and exterior paints can easily adhere to. We know that every surface in your home is different, so we have you covered with oil, latex, acrylic, and alkyd base primers.

Specialty Paints

Benjamin Moore Specialty Paint, House Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint Store, near Detroit, Michigan (MI)

Sometimes you want something more than a new color on your walls— that’s where Benjamin Moore specialty paints come in. These unique paint products include floor and patio enamels that you can use to create beautiful smooth surfaces on primed wood or uncoated concrete. We also carry dry erase and chalkboard paints, which make fun surfaces in kids’ rooms or kitchens. Our specialty paint selection includes other products like paint extenders, emulsifiers, and floor flakes. If you’re looking for something unique and different, ask one of our Benjamin Moore paint store experts.

Professional Paints

Benjamin Moore Professional Paint, House Paint, Benjamin Moore Paint Store, near Detroit, Michigan (MI)

For contractors and professional painters, we carry Benjamin Moore professional paints. These interior and exterior paints are available in larger quantities and have unique quick application and drying formulas. Benjamin Moore has created these paints to make a professional’s job easier and faster, allowing them to be overall more efficient. If you’re a professional painter, our expert team would love to help you get set up with the products you need.

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