How to Paint a Chalkboard Wall with ben® Chalkboard Paint from Benjamin Moore

Painting the Perfect Chalkboard Wall

We all love an accent wall, but what could be better than a chalkboard accent wall? For the same effort as painting a wall with standard paint, you could have an interactive art piece the whole family will love. The best news yet? Benjamin Moore makes it super easy to bring to your own home!

The Accent Wall for Every Home

A chalkboard wall is a perfect addition to any space. You may think that a chalkboard wall is exclusively reserved for a playroom or a children’s bedroom, but that is far from the truth! Kids love it, but it’s perfect for adults too.

Add it to the kitchen to keep track of recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans. Paint a smaller wall section to turn it into an evergreen calendar that you can update as often as needed without buying a new one every year! A craft room or office is also ideal for a chalkboard wall. Keep track of notes and ideas, or even add motivational messages to keep you working hard throughout the day!

Don’t want a big black wall in your room? Don’t worry because Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint is available in every color! You can seamlessly blend this functional piece with your existing design or create an even more exciting accent wall with a fun pop of color.

How to Paint a Chalkboard Wall

Benjamin Moore makes creating your chalkboard accent wall incredibly easy! With the help of ben® chalkboard paint, you can complete your schoolhouse-inspired project in just a few hours. Chalkboard paint applies like standard interior paint, so the painting process is just as simple.

  1. Check the wall. Unfortunately, not all walls are the right texture for a functional chalkboard. You'll understand why if you’ve ever tried to write on an uneven surface. If the wall you’re going to paint is textured or excessively bumpy, try sanding it down to smooth it out. If that doesn’t work, you may need to choose a different surface to paint.
  2. Clean. Like bumps in the wall, dust and debris on the surface can cause paint to apply unevenly. Clean the wall with a sponge before painting to ensure it’s the perfect canvas for your ben® chalkboard paint.
  3. Prep. Take the time to neatly tape off the borders of the wall or area where you’ll apply the paint. Lay down a drop cloth or tarp to protect your floors.
  4. Paint. Using an angled paintbrush, paint the edges of the wall first. Make sure to create smooth, even strokes. Then, use a roller to paint the large section. Let the paint dry completely before doing a second coat. Most applications require two coats, but you may need more.
  5. Use! After letting the paint dry for three days, your new chalkboard wall is ready to use! Use chalk and chalkboard markers to create your latest pieces of artwork. When it’s time for a fresh start, clean the wall with soapy water.

Chalkboard Paint from Color Bloc

Adding a chalkboard accent wall is a creative way to make a bland space more exciting. Benjamin Moore ben® chalkboard paint comes in any color imaginable, so stop by our Detroit showroom to discover which shade works best for your vision! Contact us or visit us online for more information.