At The Color Bloc, we understand how hard professional painters work. That is why we strive to provide you with the tools you need to be everyone’s top choice for interior painters near me. We partner with our professional paint contractors to ensure they receive the products and services they need to keep their business in tip-top shape.

That is why in addition to our full line of Benjamin Moore interior, exterior, and specialty paints, primers, and stains, we offer a variety of professional-grade paints.

Super Hide

You will often be called on as a professional painter to transform existing paint jobs into something new. This line of professional paints is engineered to provide the best hiding power in the industry, ideal for imperfect surfaces and drastic color changes.

The line includes quick-drying primers and commercial interior and exterior paints in flat, eggshell, and semi-gloss finishes.

Super Spec & Super Spec HP

This professional paint is known for being faithful to color and maintaining a beautiful finish in high-traffic areas. Super Spec features a latex formula that dries quickly and creates a smooth surface. Super Spec HP is alkyd based and can prevent rust by being applied directly to metal surfaces.

Ultra Spec® HP and Ultra Spec® 500

This line of professional paints is the best choice for all-around professional painters. They have low VOC and are formulated for auto-leveling and easy clean-up. You can select from a wide range of available finishes, and we can mix any colors, including color-matching existing swatches.

Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®

When painting high-traffic areas like commercial offices or busy homes, you want to use Ultra Spec® SCUFF-X®. This professional paint provides superior scuff-resistance even in the most high-traffic areas.

SCUFF-X® is also a single-component coating, which means there are no pre-mixing requirements, and it has a much longer pot life than similar two-component coatings.

Eco Spec®

This 100% acrylic paint is available in three finishes and is quick-drying. This professional paint meets LEED environmental requirements and features zero VOCs and emissions. The environmentally friendly nature of this paint means that locations where it is used can often return to service the day they are painted.

Corortech® High-Performance Coatings

You can apply this complete professional paint solution to almost any surface. The paint functions well on metals, steel, concrete, brick, masonry, and drywall. The Corotech® line also includes epoxies and urethanes specially designed for use on floors. Corotech® coatings have your next project covered from floor to ceiling.

INSL-X® Traffic Coatings

If your professional paint jobs include commercial works like parking lots, garages, or driveways, you will want to check out this line of specialty coatings. These paints are formulated for exterior work and can be used to create lines, logos, curbs, crosswalks, and anything else the project might require. The available colors are white, red, black, yellow, and Handicap blue.

Notable® Dry Erase Paint

While this paint also falls under specialty coatings, it can be instrumental in office buildings, schools, and even homes. The professional paint product has a four-hour pot life, and each kit comes with all the components necessary, including a roller cover. This paint takes seven days to cure, and you can choose between a white finish or a clear coating.

Beyond Paints

In addition to the Benjamin Moore professional paints we offer, we strive to provide top-tier service to our professional painters. We want to help you grow your business. We provide painting tools and sundries, color matching and mixing, and personalized ordering.

If you want a product we don’t have in stock, speak to a team member, and we will work to get you the necessary supplies. We are dedicated to our professional painter partners and hope you will be devoted to us.

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