Sometimes, you want something more than a new color on your walls, and that’s where Benjamin Moore specialty paints come in. At The Color Bloc, we carry various unique products, from dry erase paint to floor and patio enamel. We also carry a range of Montana Gold spray paint products. If you want to create something special, reach out to the experts at The Color Block near Detroit, MI, and we will help you find the perfect Benjamin Moore specialty paint.

Notable® Dry Erase Paint

With this versatile dry erase paint, you can transform any surface in your home into a fully functioning dry erase board. Notable® is a professional-grade product with a four-hour pot life, much longer than the competition. This allows plenty of time for the application of multiple layers. This dry-erase paint is sold as a kit with application instructions, paint components, and a roller cover to guarantee a smooth surface. It takes seven days to cure after application and provides a beautiful dry-erase surface for years. Benjamin Moore Notable® Dry Erase Paint is available in a classic white finish or a clear coating that can turn any colored wall into a writeable surface.

INSL-X® Chalkboard Paint

This specialty paint is 100% acrylic and can turn any interior surface into a black chalkboard. INSL-X® Chalkboard Paint comes in a black eggshell finish that is easy to clean and has the signature Benjamin Moore easy application. Chalkboard paint is perfect for creating a calendar or shopping list in the kitchen, creating a notepad in your home office, or providing a space for creativity in a child’s bedroom. This paint is a topcoat that should be applied on previously painted surfaces and needs to cure for three days before use.

INSL-X® Specialty Coatings

In addition to chalkboard paint, the INSL-X® paint line features several other specialty paint coatings.

  • INSL-X® Cabinet Coat: This urethane-acrylic paint adheres to hard-to-coat surfaces without a primer. It creates an ultra-smooth, factory-like finish on cabinets, shelving, doors, trim, and crown molding. You can choose between a satin and semi-gloss finish.
  • INSL-X® Lead Block: This water-based coating creates a thick, elastic membrane over exiting lead-containing paints. The membrane forms a barrier that protects your home and family from the harmful effects of lead paint. This is a cost-effective alternative to lead paint remediation.
  • INSL-X® Freezer Kote: This high-gloss specialty paint features a fast-dry alcohol-based formula for application in sub-freezing temperatures. It is available in white or safety yellow and eliminates the need to shut down cold storage while painting, as you can apply it in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • INSL-X® Fire Retardant Paint: This latex specialty paint expands and forms a thick cellar char blanket when exposed to flame. The surface slows the spread of fire and minimizes smoke development. This coating is white with a flat finish and applies like conventional latex paint.
  • INSL-X® Color-Changing Ceiling Paint: This specialty paint is light pink when applied. This allows you to see any missed spots while painting a ceiling or other hard-to-paint surfaces. The paint then dries white with a flat finish.

Montana GOLD Specialty Spray Paint

Montana GOLD spray paints use a quick-drying formula that applies smoothly and accurately. The non-bleach NC-acrylic formula is flexible and can cover multiple surfaces, including canvas, concrete, glass, metal, and wood. The colors from this specialty paint have a semi-gloss finish, and the low-pressure system uses different caps to ensure straight, even lines of various widths. These spray paints are ideal for artists or hobbyists, people completing creative home projects, or anyone who requires precision and coverage with fast dry time.

Some of the products that you can consider from this specialty line are:

  • Montana GOLD 400ml – COLORS: This low-pressure artist spray is ideal for professionals looking for an NC-Acrylic formula that covers well and dries quickly. With more than 215 bold colors to choose from, finding the right shade for your next project is easy. You can apply this spray paint to surfaces such as canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass, and flexible surfaces for long-lasting coverage.
  • Montana GOLD 400ml – TRANSPARENT COLORS: This specialty range of spray paints contains nine different transparent colors that help the user achieve more visual depth through variations in tones. These colors dry quickly and complement the full-strength equivalent colors from the traditional Montana GOLD range of colors. These spray paints are great for simple and complex gradient shifts, rendering, fading, and shadows.
  • Montana GOLD 400ml – FLUORESCENT COLORS: If you’re looking for bold colors that can transform the look of your project, then this line might be the one for you. These fluorescent colors glow when exposed to UV light and can increase luminosity while improving coverage. You can apply these spray paints to canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass, and flexible surfaces.
  • Montana GOLD 400 ml – CHROME EFFECT COLORS: Perfect for decorative use for your projects, the Montana GOLD 400ml Chrome Effect colors line increases the reflection of light off the metallic pigment particles that dry on the surface. Individuals can use the low-pressure system for easy use during application.
  • Montana GOLD 400 ml – METALLIC COLORS:  This range of spray paints features low-sheen colors, Gold Matt and Silver Matt. With its quick-drying formula, these Montana Gold spray paints are perfect for when you want a quick, metallic coat of spray paint. You can apply these metallic colors to many of the same surfaces as the other paints in the Metallic GOLD line. These realistic metallic effects resist inclement weather and abrasion for long-lasting performance.

Benjamin Moore® Floor & Patio

These durable specialty paint finishes are engineered for basements, patios, porches, and breezeways. The waterborne acrylic goes on smooth and is resistant to soaps, detergents, grease, and oil. It also resists marring and scratching to deliver a long-lasting finish.

Other Specialty Products

In addition to the above specialty paints, we carry some other specialty products. These include emulsifiers, solvents, thinners, and paint extenders. If you have any questions about how these specialty products can help you in your home renovation projects, stop by or call us today.

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