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It is no secret that we love Benjamin Moore paint at The Color Bloc. They have some of the best interior and exterior paints on the market. We highly recommend Benjamin Moore paint primers for any paint project. House paint is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform the look and feel of a room. However, before you can change the color or style, it is important to have a uniform base. Benjamin Moore primers can provide the base coat you need for any project. Painting on a nice coat of wall primer before applying your interior paint will give you the best possible results. Our team will always encourage you to put Benjamin Moore primers first on your next paint project supply list.

Benefits of Paint Primer

  • Provide Better Adhesion: A layer of wall primer increases adhesion, reducing the chance of flaking and chipping. This adhesion can be especially helpful if painting over oil-based or glossy paints. The better adhesion of paint primer also helps with less porous surfaces that regular interior and exterior paints sometimes struggle to adhere to.
  • Conceal Imperfections: Stains, odors, scratches, and small holes can all detract from the beauty of your walls. A coat or two of interior primer can block these imperfections and create a clean, smooth surface for your interior or exterior paints.
  • Seal Pores: When painting over untreated drywall or wood, it is essential to use paint primer. These surfaces are porous and will absorb applied paint, which can be wasteful. A coat of interior primer applied first will help seal pores and provide a better surface for colorful coats of paint.
  • Provide Brighter Colors: Applying primers when changing the color of your walls brings the entire surface back to neutral between coats. Interior primer is especially beneficial when transitioning from a darker to a lighter color. The neutral base of paint primer allows the actual bright color of your new paint to shine through. The wall primer also creates an even hue across your entire wall.
  • Use Less Paint: Painting a layer of interior primer allows you to use less paint to transform your walls. Interior and exterior paints are generally more expensive than primers. Using fewer coats of your regular paint by priming the surfaces is a fantastic way to save money and use less paint.
  • Increase Durability: The sealing power of paint primers provides an added layer of protection to your interior and exterior walls. This helps maintain their integrity and also increases the longevity of your new wall paint.

Paint Primer Types

  • Oil-Base Primers: These incredibly versatile paint primers have become the industry standard. They provide superior stain blocking power and are an excellent base coat for oil and latex paints. Oil-base primers can also adhere to most surfaces, including wood, metal, and most existing paints. We recommend these interior primers for almost any project.
  • Latex Primers: The main benefit of latex primers over oil-base primers is that latex primers are water-based. Being water-based makes latex primers much easier to clean. These paint primers are also more flexible and faster drying than oil-base premiers. They don’t provide quite as much adhesion or stain covering power as oil-base primers, but they do have a lower VOC. Lower VOC means they release fewer chemicals into the air and have a less pungent smell.
  • Acrylic & Alkyd-Base Primers: These interior primers are considered the middle of the road. They provide better coverage than latex while still drying faster than oil-base. While not as popular as either other primer, acrylic and alkyd-base primers are still a great option for your next project.
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