Ergo/Tech ETS 2000 Dripless Caulking Gun


Product Description


The last caulk gun you will ever buy. Honestly. It has all the features that help you lay that perfect bead of caulk - ergonomically designed trigger, handle and body for fatigue-free gunning all day long, rotating barrel for constant beading around corners, machined blade for cutting a perfect nozzle profile, an extra-long clean out poker for nozzle maintenance - all this and the original and still unmatched Dripless mechanism which stops the flow of caulk when you release the trigger. The ETS2000 is the best-selling model in our ErgoTechSeries of composite body caulk guns. The engineered, advanced composites that make up the body, trigger and handle of the ETS guns give strength and durability at a fraction of the weight of a comparable metal gun. If you've ever struggled with a cheap or inefficient caulking gun and spent frustrating hours cleaning up a preventable mess, then you will appreciate the satisfaction in a job well done that a great caulking gun enables.

Brand Name: Dripless
Sub Brand: ETS
Grade: Professional
Material: Composite
Product Type: Caulking Gun
Seal Puncture Tool: Yes
Tube Capacity: 10 oz
Ladder Hanger: Yes
Thrust Ratio: 12:1
Spout Cutter: Yes
Color: Black/Yellow

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